Mission Statement:

“iGivefirst empowers people to create real change with the simple click of a button. We are on a mission to increase charitable donations worldwide.”


iGivefirst was developed out of the need for a trusted online brand which allows people to donate to nonprofits serving a wide range of local and global needs. People are often inspired to give when they are moved by something they see or read.

“Emotion leads to action, reason leads to conclusion” ~ D. Calne (Neurologist)

The success of giving campaigns during natural catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina or the Haiti earthquake are a testament to that impulse. Sometimes we forget that there are more than 1.5 million nonprofits in the world working to better people’s lives and communities beyond natural catastrophes. The “Give” button allows people who are moved by a story or event to immediately donate to an organization that is related to the subject matter of the story.

Many of the nonprofits doing innovative work are small and sometimes struggle with making effective use of new technology.  We work with the nonprofits, challenged by a lack of resources, to ensure they are effectively incorporating online giving into their overall development efforts without costly overhead.

Over 2.1 billion people have access to the internet and 75% turn to online media as a source for news but only 6.3% of donations to nonprofits were made online in 2011. In part, people are concerned about scams. Before iGivefirst, there was not a central online source that made giving easy, trustworthy and secure. Funds are regularly transferred to the nonprofits and there is no added cost for the giver or for the nonprofit receiving the donation. iGivefirst has streamlined the process of giving so more money goes to the animals, people and  planet that is in need.


The iGivefirst team is a group of experienced executives specializing in consumer branding, technology, nonprofit and digital media. The team has been brought together by a mutual passion for doing meaningful work. Sharif Youssef started iGivefirst after discovering a need to make charitable giving easy and more efficient. For more information and to read a brief biography on the key members, please read more on the About Us page.

“Love all, trust few, do wrong to no one.”


Online consumers embrace the simplicity of Facebook’s “like” button and Twitter’s “tweet” button to share interesting articles and videos, which creates millions of viral connections through social media services. iGivefirst makes giving just as easy. iGivefirst’s solution uses the viral nature of the Internet to increase overall charitable contributions by promoting donations received through the service with people’s friends, family and professional associations.